Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer shipping across the U.S.?

We service the central Indiana area. We’re currently working on shipping logistics for cross-country orders. Please check with us again soon.

Is your meat organic?

Though not certified-organic, we’re committed to sustainable farming practices to maintain soil heath and the nutritional integrity of our products. Organic farming practices often include over-tilling in place of chemical sprays. This practice harms soil microbiomes and over time decreases the soil’s nutritional content. Effective land management is our primary focus in providing you top-quality meats.

How long does pasture meat last in the refrigerator?

Similar to conventional meats, you should consume or freeze your product within 7 days of arrival. Vacuum-sealed packaging provides lasting freshness in the freezer.
Poultry should be consumed as soon as possible for the best flavor or frozen within 5 days of delivery.

Do you offer refunds or allow returns?

Due to the nature of our product and necessary handling requirements for our customers safety, we do not accept returns. Contact us right away is there is an issue with an order and we will do our best to fix it.

Can I buy a whole or half cow?

Please contact us for availability and more info.

Where does Desnae Farms deliver?

We currently service the central Indiana area including Boone, Hamilton, Hendrix, Marion, Morgan, Putnam counties. Local delivery is available—there is a minimum order size for free delivery. Please contact us with delivery inquiries.

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